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We all see, whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, or in every family, food packaging design everywhere, exquisite, practical and convenient food packaging and food safety is also closely linked. What's more, food packaging is like food's personal clothing. It not only plays a role in protecting food, preventing external factors from damaging or damaging food, but also facilitates the storage, transportation and sale of food. In most cases, the unique appearance of food packaging is also to attract the attention of consumers, causing consumer desire to buy. Food packaging has become an integral part of food in modern society.

So, what is food packaging material? Food packaging materials are containers for paper, bamboo, metal, enamel, ceramics, plastics, rubber, natural fibres, chemical fibers, glass products, and coatings for food and clothing. International food packaging, food containers, as well as auxiliary materials, equipment, tools and other materials used in food processing, equipment and tools are collectively referred to as food contact materials. At present, China is allowed to use a variety of food containers, packaging materials, mainly in the following 7 kinds:

1, paper products: such as disposable paper cups, food packaging cartons, etc.;

2, plastic products: such as plastic bottles, disposable plastic lunch boxes, disposable plastic water cups and so on;

3, composite film products: such as composite film bags.

4, rubber products (including natural rubber, synthetic rubber): such as pacifiers, pressure cooker, gasket and so on;

5, glass products: such as glass tableware, glass drinking glasses and so on;

6, aluminum, stainless steel, tinplate products: such as aluminum foil, aluminum pot, stainless steel pot, iron etc.;

7, ceramic, enamel products: such as ceramic tableware, enamel drinking cups and so on;

Each has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of food packaging materials of different materials due to different materials, such as plastic cheap lightweight metal, not easily broken, plant fiber paper and easy degradation. However, no matter what kind of food containers or packaging materials are chosen, the basic principle that it may cause pollution to food and cause harm to human health can not be neglected.

The moon cake packaging box

Different materials of food containers or packaging products exist security risks are also different. Metal kitchenware and tableware such as the main problem of aluminum and stainless steel and iron products in cooked food in the process, due to the quality problem itself or improper use of kitchen operation, resulting in heavy metal nickel, chromium, cadmium and lead migration to the food; the main problem is the existence of ceramic products of lead and cadmium migration amount exceed the standard; and plant products such as natural fiber and paper products are mainly microbial contamination or exceed the standard problem of sulfur dioxide.

In order to ensure the safety of food packaging materials used in our country, not only of each kind of food packaging materials and their products has formulated strict national standards of food safety and food processing aids to allow the use of packaging materials has also developed a corresponding standard, have carried out strict restrictions on the use of the scope of each kind of processing aids and use.

As long as the production enterprises in strict accordance with the national standards in China allows the use of food packaging materials and processing additives, and production and processing in accordance with the production of good practices, its products will meet the requirements of national standards, will not bring harm to the health of consumers.

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