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Now on the market with tin and tin packaging packaging as a new environmentally friendly packaging materials, constantly favored by the public, its design ideas are constantly, tin cans for design, product positioning and consumer experience is essential. Xiaobian to introduce design trends 2017 tin cans.

1 、 the design structure should be beautiful and practical

In recent years, the phenomenon of excessive packaging is very common. As a result of environmental awareness, this excessive packaging has aroused consumer resentment. Now I need tin design not only beautiful, but also considering the practicality, the only luxury design to design will be flashy without substance. The concept of environmental protection into the design of the packing box to win consumer recognition.

2, enhance online shopping experience, try online packaging design

Now online shopping has become a common way of life of daily consumption, so the design of tin gradually adapt to different online and offline mode, although almost all people are aware of online and offline shopping shopping are different, but few businesses realize that tin packaging actually should be according to the different characteristics of marketing platform, re design. In addition to do some adjustments in the visual, online shopping products tin packaging should also consider the transportation and delivery of products.

The moon cake packaging box

3, try to design a new form of tin

Tin tin factory's designer, you can try to design interesting tin added to the design, so as to consumers in the process of product before use or use, add some interactive experience. This trick is very effective, can directly for consumers product experience points, to promote product sales.

4, try intelligent design, to provide more detailed product information

Now a large part of the tin products have a two-dimensional code, medicines, health products and other pharmaceutical products of medicine tin have electronic monitoring code, according to the survey, 50% of consumers willing to scan two-dimensional code to verify their care products in Shenzhen, many well-known brand products in tin packaging printing the WeChat public platform, website scanning information, can let consumers know more product information into the background.

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