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We know that tea is China traditional drinks, in the market the huge sales, while the major tea manufacturers in order to enhance their competitiveness in the market, constantly on the box under the foot, under this background, a variety of tea, tea tin began favored by the market.

Compared with the traditional tea packaging, tea tins has a significant advantage, opacity, tea tins, tea makes the preservation rate of the highest, save tea juice and color, taste and aroma; good sealing, packaging containers for air and other volatile gases is very important to preserve nutrition and sensory quality tea, protection of oxygen through the low rate of metal cans can be better, this is the best reduction characteristics of tin; tin, tin tin oxygen wall and filling the remaining in the container, a reducing food oxidized opportunity. The reduction of tin is also the extension of the storage period of tea.

Tea tin

With the continuous development of the domestic packaging market, tin cans packaging has been closer to international, therefore, in the tin design, need to regulate and Reform in accordance with international market standards. For tea tins, even more so. As the traditional Chinese tea drinks, not only the domestic sales volume is huge, the annual export volume is also very impressive, therefore, for the tea tins in the design, should follow the necessary principle? Is the beauty of the tin packaging designer for everyone to do a detailed introduction.

First, the concept of environmental protection and conservation

China's ecological environment is not optimistic in recent years. Environmental protection is a topic that the Chinese government has paid close attention to in recent years. Therefore, in the design of the packaging of tea, the best to follow the principles of environmental protection, tinplate material is a kind of environmental protection Recyclable materials, so the tea tin cans, has become many domestic tea merchants preferred.

Second, reflecting the characteristics of national culture

The tea is originated from an ancient beverage China, its culture has a long history, so in the tin design, which can be best Chinese ethnic culture blend, reflect the national characteristics, make tea tins more representative, more likely to attract the attention of consumers.

Third, reflect the brand features of tea

Each tea has different characteristics, therefore, when tea tins design, highlighted the need to reflect the characteristics of products, this will be out of the ordinary, more easy to establish their own brand image.

Fourth, constant innovation and integration into the modern atmosphere

The design of tea tins, need continuous reform and innovation, will change rapidly age factors continue into the box design, so that consumers have a fresh feeling, aroused the desire of consumers to buy.

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